The BrainSurf Advantage

You invested in IQMS to achieve greater efficiency and gain a competitive advantage. To realize these benefits, it’s crucial to have every-day access to specialist knowledge and resources to manage your IT environment. Here are some of the competitive advantages our customers achieve through our partnership:

High IQMS Utilization

Our goal is to drive internal adoption of IQMS by our customers. We provide quick access to specialist knowledge to eliminate inefficiencies and empower IQMS throughout your organization. We help our customers apply best practices and maximize utilization of available functionality in IQMS.

Less Time Managing IT

Our sole focus is managing your entire IT environment, from basic desktop support to IQMS how-to questions to high-level IT planning. This model allows your management team to focus entirely on your core business, and less time spent on IT and IQMS. We do not require any additional IT resources on-site, as we fully manage and support all aspects of IT.

Introducing New Technologies

Staying up-to-date with the newest technologies is needed to maintain a competitive advantage. Our internal teams are constantly learning to keep up with advances in existing technologies and adapting to completely new technology solutions. Our best practices are regularly updated by what we learn, and we deploy our best practices across all our customers as we maintain a single focus in manufacturing environments.

Naturally, we only apply new technologies if it makes business-sense.

Scalable Solution

Many of our customers have experienced considerable growth since the beginning of our partnership. We enable our customers to quickly scale up and add facilities. Our model allows IT to simply grow with the business.

Less Downtime

Unscheduled downtime causes production delays that can create setbacks for critical business operations. With BrainSurf’s focus and experience in manufacturing environments, we understand the criticalness of your systems and how they impact your operations when not up and running. In the rare event of a failure, we provide 24/7 mission-critical support. It is extremely important to be prepared for a data breach or a loss of data. We have proven standards and best practices in place for data back-up and disaster recovery.

CIO as a Service
CIO as a Service

BrainSurf fulfills the role of CIO/Director of IT. This starts with IT leadership, providing strategic planning and advice regarding the advancement and growth of the IT infrastructure, cybersecurity, and IQMS. We manage vendors, develop annual budgets, and set organization-wide hardware/software standards and best practices.