Customer Profile

BrainSurf’s complete IT management & support solution exceeds the expectations of ambitious manufacturers that utilize IQMS.

Our customers are distinguished by their:

-   Need to focus on their core business, and desire to have dedicated resources for general IT, cybersecurity, and IQMS.
-   Drive to get the most from their ERP system.
-   Awareness that superior IT management establishes competitive advantage.

Our customers range in size from smaller, single-site operations to larger, more complex, multi-site organizations. In every case, they experienced similar issues with their past IT solutions, such as:

-  Feeling they have outgrown the capabilities of their IT support.
-  Insufficient knowledge and resources to realize the full capacity of their ERP system.
-  Lack of ability to deliver growth initiatives.

The shortcomings experienced by non-specific IT support companies are completely understandable, as they service a diverse array of companies. Our single focus to work with manufacturers enables us to provide superior support for all aspects of IT.

The majority of our customers use similar applications, such as: CAD/CAM, Industrial, and other Engineering and Quality software. Our experience allows us to help our customers get the most from IQMS and all other applications.