Growth Opportunities

Start your career as a Desktop Support Engineer, and quickly develop into a Systems Administrator.

BrainSurf cultivates a rich learning environment to expand one's knowledge in IT, encouraging Desktop Support Engineers (DSEs) to develop into a Systems Administrator. Work with cutting-edge technology, such as:

DSEs start developing skills in systems administration within months of joining BrainSurf. As employees become more experienced, they join Ownership Teams that specialize in the following:

As employees establish a strong skillset in systems administration, they take on leadership roles and project management within their Ownership Teams.

Training &

DSEs learn from frequent training sessions, taking on an assortment of tasks to gain exposure in different fields of IT. All BrainSurf employees have quarterly review sessions to plan, create, and adjust their career development path. DSEs shadow their team members, managers, and senior-level employees to gain a further understanding of the Ownership Teams at BrainSurf. Possessing a strong work ethic and motivation to succeed allows employees to progress into the Systems Administrator role.

Taking Ownership

Our Senior Systems Administrators and Project Managers are subject matter experts of their membered Ownership Teams, graduating from previous support roles. They take accountability for IT initiatives and projects, boasting strong leadership qualities and a continued desire to improve policies and procedures. Using their in-depth technical knowledge, they design and implement the solutions and technologies our customers depend on to grow their business.

Work-life Balance

BrainSurf rewards hard work that enables employees to expedite their professional growth, however we believe the right work-life balance is very important. We provide a generous allowance of personal days that automatically increase annually, and offer a hybrid work schedule that allows employees to work from home two days per week after 3 months of employment.

Work Environment

BrainSurf has an energetic environment, where communication skills are as important as technical abilities. With a flat organizational structure, DSEs are able to form a working relationship with senior-level employees when they start at BrainSurf. By establishing a direct resource for employees to take on new responsibilities, everyone is able to learn from each other. Standardized processes are shared within our knowledgebase with step-by-step instructions to avoid running into the same issues.

centric Focus

With manufacturing operations being incredibly demanding and time-sensitive, BrainSurf strives to consistently exceed expectations for customers. They supply critical products to many Fortune 100 companies, including a variety of industries, such as: Automotive, Consumer Goods, Defense, Electronics, Healthcare, Industrial, etc. Our customers see us as a part of their team to help achieve and sustain a competitive advantage. BrainSurf is constantly building a professional and personal relationship with customers' employees to further understand their operations and needs.

DELMIAWorks Team

This team focuses on selling, implementation consulting, training services, and support for DELMIAWorks (IQMS).

DELMIAWorks (IQMS) Sales Representative
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DELMIAWorks (IQMS) Implementation Consultant
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DELMIAWorks (IQMS) Support Engineer
Chicago, Illinois, U.S.A.
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DELMIAWorks (IQMS) Trainer
Chicago, Illinois, U.S.A.
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DELMIAWorks (IQMS) Business Development Representative
Ede, Netherlands
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Infrastructure Team

Be an integral part of the support team that provides daily desktop support to our customers’ employees, as well as managing servers, applications and network infrastructure. Work with a wide array of technologies to secure, innovate, and support manufacturing operations for our customers. You will solve their most critical day-to-day issues, allowing them to operate 24/7. Design, implement, and manage the infrastructure systems they depend on to grow their business.

Desktop Support Engineer
Chicago, Illinois, U.S.A.
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Application Management Team

Empower IQMS by driving internal knowledge for our customers, solving how-to questions on a day-to-day basis. You will develop/have an expertise in IQMS to manage all aspects of the application, making structural changes to build long-lasting processes together with our customers. At BrainSurf, you will help our customers to maximize their utilization of the available functionality in IQMS.

Junior Business Analyst
Ede, Netherlands
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