Our customers depend on us to provide reliable, vital services and exceptional customer service. We strive to meet and exceed their high standards. Here’s what our customers say about the service we provide:

"We were barely making do before. The IT support company we were using spent all their time traveling between customers and they didn’t understand IQMS. BrainSurf is extremely responsive and 10 times better technically."

CFO, Award winning injection molder, WI

"We need to be the best we can be to fight competition. IQMS enables us to be the best and, in turn, BrainSurf enables us to get the most from IQMS and from our overall IT investment. Initially, I was skeptical that a company in Chicago could manage my IT and remove the headaches and ongoing issues. However, with their responsiveness and level of talent, BrainSurf has far exceeded my expectations."

President + Owner, Fast-growing food packaging and preparation solutions innovator, OH

"We consider our relationship with BrainSurf to be a true source of competitive advantage. BrainSurf does an outstanding job of managing our entire information technology. Our relationship with BrainSurf allows us to focus our time, energy and resources on the efficient operation of our business with confidence that our information systems are exactly where we want them to be."

President + Owner, Award winning injection molder, WI

"Now we’re always running; there’s no excuse for not doing something because of IT. I wish I would have known about BrainSurf earlier on."

Owner, Respected multi-market injection molder, OH

"The increased productivity I get as a direct result of using BrainSurf easily covers  the cost. I’d give my previous IT support a Grade C. BrainSurf gets a grade A."

VP finance + Technical Operations, Foremost short-run custom molder, MN

"BrainSurf has really helped us get a number of projects off dead center. BrainSurf has  given us the resources to move forward and really push IT. BrainSurf has helped us implement new technology, solved problems, and enabled much better use of IQMS."

President + Owner, Leading multi-site custom injection molder, MI

"Why do we partner with BrainSurf? Simple – we get better network uptime, they save me time and, for the price of one IT person, we get a whole team."

President + CEO, Multi-site automotive rubber extrusion company, OH

"I outgrew my previous IT support. With BrainSurf I got the proactive approach I was looking for. We don’t have any issues and when we have a request it is dealt with in a matter of minutes."

CFO, Fastest-growing polyethylene film product manufacturer in the US, TX

"We shifted the budget of a two person department to outsource IT services to BrainSurf. Albeit a difficult decision, it was the right thing to do. Small internal IT departments are no longer able to master all the skills needed to flawlessly manage IT requirements. BrainSurf has a team of people—each with their specialization—giving us the performance of a large IT department with a small department budget."

President + Owner, Leading multi-site precision custom injection molder, MN

"Before BrainSurf we were always limited to the knowledge of one person. Now we have access to an entire team of IT experts."

CFO, World-class automotive blow molder, OH